Wood Buffalo Economic Development

BIG begins with a bold idea.

Bold idea

The numbers tell the story. Wood Buffalo has a population of over 100,000 residents. The average age? Just thirty-two. The average income? An astonishing 103% higher than the national average. This is a place that embodies the concept of “bold”.

Bold in every sense the community is constantly striving to improve with achievements such as being the country’s leader in philanthropic donations as evidenced by highly successful fundraising campaigns, such as the annual local United Way campaign which raised 7.1 million dollars in 2011. Bold also in developments the city is home to MacDonald Island Park, Canada’s largest recreation centre. Bold is simply a way of life in Wood Buffalo.

The region is the heart of a technology-driven, resource-based economy that will grow expertise and create affluence for decades to come. There is far more here than just industry, however, and residents have doorstep access to year-round recreational activities in a place that is nothing short of a four-season celebration of nature. The economic benefits of the region combine with the opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in a way that make this a wonderful place to live and work – but there are challenges.

The municipality faces these challenges with residents, businesses, and organizations that are united and innovative in meeting and overcoming them. Initiatives like the Municipal Development Plan , a bold strategy mapping out the future for the next twenty years in Wood Buffalo, speak to a commitment to stewarding the community into the future and ensuring long-term growth management and success.

Investment in the community is not only welcomed but encouraged to meet the needs of those who proudly call it home. Wood Buffalo is a place that embraces the bold and the innovative, and those who can bring such ventures into the community are guaranteed to find not only a warm welcome but financial success.

Bold in everything we do.