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Ask and Expert – gives entrepreneurs one-on-one access to a professional or expert in a given field that can assist them with questions related to their business.

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May 3rd we have a volunteer legal professional Suzanne Manning who can offer advice and guidance on a variety of topics including the following

  • Business structures: corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorship’s;
  • Commercial leasing;
  • Commercial real estate transactions;
  • Contractor agreements;
  • Business Agreements and Commercial Contracts (drafting, interpreting and managing contract disputes);
  • Business financing;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (buying/selling a business);
  • Franchises;
  • Builders’ liens;
  • Estate planning (what happens to your business interests upon death.


  • Each session is scheduled for 30 minutes
  • You can book up to 2 sessions per business for a total of 1 hour
  • You can connect via in person or over the phone
  • You can cancel up to 3 days in advance (72 hours); there will be a cancellation fee of 50% ($12.50)
  • Please contact Natasha 780.788.4329 if you have any questions
  • Come prepared with direct questions and any documentation about the topic you want to discuss; this is a brief consultation and you may not be able to get all your questions answered.


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