Wood Buffalo Economic Development

Business Development

Business development

Small business gets big, and big business gets bigger.

While Wood Buffalo has over 3,500 businesses this number is much less than the average number for a population of just over one hundred thousand. Industry growth has far outpaced building the infrastructure needed to support the workforce. A new generation of investors is needed to meet the many demands of those who are coming for the opportunity and staying to build lives, start families and call Wood Buffalo home. With investment and diversification inside and outside the oil sector the Wood Buffalo demographic will continue to diversify and expand.

  • In most product and service categories, Wood Buffalo is underserved and unable to meet the demands of a rapidly growing, affluent population. There is no better place to create and grow your brand in an environment where availability is a bigger factor than cost.
  • The opportunities are big and so are the challenges. Issues of recruitment and employee retention call for imagination, involvement and incentives in hiring. Wood Buffalo is an unprecedented ground-floor opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs who are bold, imaginative, innovative, and hard working.
  • If you have a better way you’ll find a welcome reception for your ideas and innovation. As much as Wood Buffalo represents the potential for big rewards it also challenges you to deal with new challenges in changing the purchase model from “buy south” to “buy local.” The market is here, and so are the people – the only thing lacking is the goods and services, and those innovative and bold enough to market them.

In Wood Buffalo you’ll be doing more than building a business. You’ll be helping to build a community defined by pride, skill, affluence and demand.

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