Wood Buffalo Economic Development

Development Plans

  • The Wood Buffalo Municipal Development Plan is the result of extensive public consultations undertaken to create a comprehensive approach that will guide the Municipality over the next twenty years. It addresses key issues that affect quality of life and sustainability in the region and outlines a path to harnessing Wood Buffalo’s abundant opportunities.
  • The Strategic Plan stemming from the MDP is a ten-point plan to prioritize opportunities and challenges. It will ensure the responsible use of resources, effective delivery of services and accountability.

Strategic Plan

      1. Direct responsible growth in the Region
      2. Develop sustainable mobility choices
      3. Revitalize the city centre
      4. Build complete communities
      5. Promote the development of green initiatives
      6. Demonstrate leadership in climate change adaptation and mitigation
      7. Increase economic development attraction and retention
      8. Address housing affordability and attainment
      9. Invest in arts, recreation and culture development
      10. Enhance and improve corporate responsibility and governance
  • A new Civic Centre will include a pedestrian bridge linking the downtown core with MacDonald Island Park, a world-class recreation facility on the verge of a new expansion including a stadium capable of holding 20,000 people.
  • Improvements in public transportation will reduce dependence on private vehicles and emphasize access through the use of easily accessible public transportation options.
  • The Municipality will implement a dense terrestrial and wireless infrastructure turning the community into one that can easily access global information and provide ease of communication for residents and businesses.
  • New developments of residential neighbourhoods will provide home ownership and rental opportunities for all income levels and age groups.

Development plans

New Developments

Parsons Creek

This new neighbourhood development is located in northwest Fort McMurray. A master planned community of 24,000 residents on 815 hectares of land will enjoy a variety of residential, commercial, and recreation options. The community is designed around sustainable principles ensuring that present and future needs of the residents are met.

Saline Creek

The recent release of land by the Alberta Provincial Government has ensured the future development of Saline Creek, a residential area of 862 hectares in the lower town site. Planned to accommodate 20,000 the new neighbourhood embraces sustainable design. Three compact neighbourhoods will include a variety of housing options, a mixed-use village centre, a community recreation facility, four school sites, and an inter-connected multi-use trail system.

Prairie Business Park

An industrial and commercial facility in close proximity to the airport, Prairie Business Park will include hotels and restaurants in addition to industry-related businesses. The development of a business park with quick access to the expanded airport facility is certain to create new opportunities for commercial and industrial ventures as well as allow for expansion of existing businesses.