Wood Buffalo Economic Development



One for all and all for one.

Wood Buffalo is a diverse community with many stakeholders. They share a commitment to the common good and the future of the municipality. They are all participants in helping to put in place and continue to support initiatives that will ensure controlled growth and opportunity for all, from the companies directly involved in the oil sands and their suppliers to all those who will educate, protect, entertain and supply a population that will more than double by 2030. Wood Buffalo stakeholders are represented, mentored, and provided with various services and resources by several organizations.

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Community Futures Wood Buffalo

9912 Franklin Avenue, Suite 105 , Fort McMurray                                                                                             780-791-0330
Community Futures links communities in Alberta, the west, and across Canada to help business entrepreneurs arrange financing and receive advice relevant to their region and category of interest.

Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce

9912 Franklin Avenue, Suite 105, Fort McMurray                                                                                             780-743-3100

The Fort McMurray Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary business organization, supported by member firms to promote economic growth and development. It works with existing and new businesses to accelerate their success and their contribution to the community at large. The resources provided include networking, ideas, and access to funding.

Fort McMurray Construction Association

9715 Main Street, Unit 208, Fort McMurray                                                                                                        780-791-9288
For a quarter of a century, the Association has represented its members in building and maintaining the highest standards of quality and establishing fair and effective regulations. Current membership includes over 120 contractors, sub-contractors, developers and other industry professionals.

Fort McMurray Tourism Association

515 Mackenzie Blvd, Fort McMurray                                                                                                                       780-791-4336
This not-for-profit organization is mandated to promote the region to visitors, travel companies, tour operators, and others. The goal is to enhance awareness of the unique environment and the innovation being brought to preserving it in the context of a thriving economy.

Keyano College

8115 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray                                                                                                                  780-791-4800
Keyano College is a comprehensive community institution located in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and the primary acculturating institution within the region. The college offers a range of post-secondary programs and services for the population in the northeast region of Alberta’s service area.

The Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association

715 Main Street, Unit 208, Fort McMurray                                                                                                         780-791-04789
NAABA is a non-profit organization consisting of a rapidly growing group of Aboriginal businesses. NAABA is committed to creating opportunities for First Nation and Metis individuals and organizations. The Association provides resources for the development of Aboriginal businesses and for training and access to Aboriginal skills.

The Oil Sands Community Alliance 

8600 Franklin Ave, Unit 617, Fort McMurray                                                                                                     780-790-1999
The Oil Sands Developers Group represents operators and developers, linking them to related industries, government, and aboriginal peoples organizations to ensure an open flow of information with the opportunity to participate in decisions that determine future activities.

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

9909 Franklin Avenue, Fort McMurray                                                                                                            1-800-973-9663
Provides residents and visitors with information on Mayor and Council, municipal departments, the business environment, public services and maps, tourist information and employment opportunities for all communities within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

The Urban Development Institute of Wood Buffalo

9908 Franklin Avenue, Unit 108, Fort McMurray                                                                                            780-743-2900
The Urban Development Institute is focused on providing housing and commercial property for area residents and businesses. Their mandate is to meet the needs of business while preserving the environmental and other standards of the community.

Government of Alberta Economic Development

Economic Development offers resources enabling entrepreneurs to start and nurture businesses. The mandate is to make Alberta and specific regions in the province competitive on the national and international stage.

Government of Alberta Human Services

9915 Franklin Avenue (7th Floor), Fort McMurray
This government resource is committed to creating and maintaining safe, fair and productive work places. The mandate includes providing information on salaries, occupational demand, and career resources, as well as developing health and safety programs and mentoring young workers.

Government of Alberta Oil Sands

This initiative is committed to the safe and sustainable development of Alberta’s most valuable natural resource to the benefit of all Canadians. The goal is to ensure a stable and secure supply of energy in the context of healthy, growing communities and the highest environmental standards.

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