Wood Buffalo Economic Development

Success Stories

Dave Tuccaro

President and CEO
Tuccaro Inc, Fort McMurray

Some people come to Wood Buffalo for the opportunity, while others grow up in the middle of it. Dave was raised in Fort Chipewyan and has built a diverse group of successful businesses here. “One thing leads to another. Being a strong supplier in one area creates demands to offer service in others. We’re involved in everything from heavy equipment and construction to lab services, water storage solutions and catering,” states Dave. What does it take to make it in your hometown? “First of all, be part of it. Work to make the community, and not just your business, better. Sports, the arts, volunteer.” Dave has no interest in expanding his business outside the Wood Buffalo region. “We’re just starting to tap the potential right here. There are so many open doors.” Stay tuned. Whatever the Tuccaro Group does, you can be sure they’ll be the best at doing it.


Stephen Peck

Mxc Racing and Off Road, Fort McMurray

Having worked in the Broadcast industry for almost 30 years Stephen is well aware that Wood Buffalo and the oil sands have had some bad publicity over the years. “It goes way back to a time that hasn’t anything at all to do with the place I’m living in now,” says Stephen. He points to the fact that Wood Buffalo leads the nation in volunteer efforts and charitable contributions, and that the environmental and reclamation initiatives being developed and put in place here are setting the standard around the world. “Nobody and nothing is perfect but things get dealt with quickly and well and with a lot of co-operation. It’s a great climate for business.” Stephen has spent time in major and small markets across Canada and feels that Fort McMurray is one of the best places to live and work in Canada.


Marty Giles

Dealer Principal
Northstar Ford, Fort McMurray

Welcome to one of the most successful Ford Dealerships in Canada. Marty and Dennine Giles have built a strong place in the community by giving back to it. “People here that get personally involved create a good place to live. The community will support you as an individual group or businesses if you support it,” Marty says. “You have to work hard to make it work in Fort McMurray but if you have that commitment the rest will take care of itself. There is no free ride but anything worth accomplishing isn’t free.”