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Work hard. Play hard.

Wood Buffalo pays high rewards to people who have exceptional skills and those who want to apply their skills to work that matters. Playing a part in providing energy that will fuel progress in a more stable world creates a strong feeling of camaraderie. Residents have a wealth of activity and entertainment choices at the edge of the largest national park in Canada. As big as it is the workforce in Wood Buffalo is a tight-knit group driven by pride, opportunity, and a sense of purpose.

  • Of the nearly 140,000 oil industry workers in Alberta the vast majority are employed in oil sands activity.
  • Ten-percent of the oil sands workforce is Aboriginal. The oil sands are taking the lead in developing aboriginal skills and opportunities.

In Wood Buffalo, more than 1,600 Aboriginal people are directly employed by the oil sands industry in permanent operations jobs.

  • Every oil sands job provides the basis for many more jobs, locally, in Alberta, and around the world.
  • During the three-year recession period (2008-2010), Wood Buffalo did not suffer declines in employment. In fact, we had by far the largest growth with an increase of nearly 12%.
  • Production levels of nearly 7 million barrels per day translate into 50,000 direct operational jobs in the region by 2030. By 2020, employment is likely to grow as much as 53%. At the same time more diversified job opportunities will increase the appeal of Wood Buffalo as a permanent home.

Workforce statisticsWorkforce statistics

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