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You don’t need to be sick to get better.

The level of health care in Wood Buffalo is set by the highest provincial standards in Canada, the medical needs of a young and rapidly growing population, the presence of major industrial sites, and a safety commitment from employers in the region.

Our local hospital, the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre, and several conveniently located medical centres in the urban area of Fort McMurray offer a full range of community health and specialist services. Many family doctors eagerly accept new patients to ensure personal and prompt access to primary care.

Other Health Care Facilities:


Fort McMurray

Fort MacKay

Looking for a local family doctor? Many physicians are accepting new patients and welcome new families into their practices. To find your new family physician click here.

  • With further improvements and renovations underway wait times at the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre Emergency Department are already among the shortest in the province.
  • Health services immediately available include acute and continuing health care, 24-hour emergency services, laboratory and x-ray services, mental health services, general surgery, ambulatory care, rehabilitation, home care, speech language and community health. One of the best air-ambulance services in the world provides rapid access to specialist care and services not available locally.
  • Further developments include the Fort McMurray Continuing Care Centre, a $50 million facility to be located in Parsons Creek, a new neighbourhood north of Timberlea. With a timeline of 2012-2014 this facility will meet the needs of residents who require long term care.

Work well, play well, and stay well.