Wood Buffalo Economic Development



A fundamental focus of future growth in the region, as laid out in the Municipal Development Plan, is the concept of sustainability. Sustainability is particularly important in a region expected to experience exponential growth of the sort rarely seen anywhere else in the world.

Sustainability is defined as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) has committed to being a world leader in promoting and activating sustainable solutions, and has explored some innovative technologies addressing the model of sustainability.

One of the bold innovations being pursued in the RMWB is a zero-waste initiative that is destined to take the concept of sustainability to an entirely new level, and act as a model for communities around the world. An exciting development for the RMWB and the community this initiative is bound to have the entire world viewing this region as a leader in sustainability.


Zero Waste Initiative Highlights

  • Designed to address issues regarding excessive landfill use, waste of valuable resources, climate change, and poor use of valuable land.
  • An opportunity to create a management framework for collaborative local decision making, participate in energy recovery, and demonstrate sustainable solutions for global issues.
  • An execution through a partnership between the RMWB, the Oil Sands Developers Group, and Keyano College designed to utilize proven technologies to manage waste through low temperature gasification, biodiesel and low speed diesel generator.
  • An outcome that includes achieving the highest waste diversion rate in North America, being seen as a model of sustainable practices, cost neutral or better waste management, status quo for residents’ lifestyles, regional diversification, local production of food and goods, and a reduced environmental footprint.

Bold, innovative, growing – and sustainable. This is the Wood Buffalo way.