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March 18, 2014

Dover Oil Sands Project

The Dover Project has received approval from the Alberta Cabinet. Athabasca Oil Corp and its partners now await environmental approval prior to proceeding with construction. The project is expected to produce in excess of 250,000 barrels per day through steam assisted gravity drilling (SAGD).

For more information, please visit the related Fort McMurray Today article from March 16th, 2014.


March 5, 2014

2014 Leading the North Conference – May 26th – 28th, 2014

Leading the North, a key project for Economic Development in 2014, has been attracting media attention and interest from residents, industry and the Province.

For example: http://www.fortmcmurraytoday.com/2014/02/25/series-of-celebrity-speakers-lined-up-for-leading-the-north

For more information on the 2014 Leading the North Conference “Potential Meets Prosperity”, please visit the Leading the North website.


January 28, 2014

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Land Exchange Agreement

As part of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Land Exchange Agreement, the Government of Alberta will transfer land currently owned by the province in Saline Creek and Parsons Creek, valued at approximately $131.8 million, to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) for re-sale and development. The RMWB will, in turn, provide transportation infrastructure and ongoing maintenance to portions of Highway 69  and additional improvements on Highway 63 within the city.

For more information, please visit the Alberta Infrastructure website.


November 6th, 2013

Planning for a Sustainable Future

As Fort McMurray rapidly transforms to a major international hub of commerce and environmental technology, strategic plans have evolved to extend the infrastructure to support creativity and innovation.

Please see below PDF for an article which was featured in the October 22nd, 2013 Globe and Mail highlighting the city’s growth, progress and future projections.

Planning Effort in Boom City looks to a Future Beyond the Oil Sands


October 31st, 2013

CFIB Rankings

On the first day of Canada’s Small Business Week, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) recognizes communities that truly embrace entrepreneurship by creating an environment in which businesses can thrive. There is no question that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are Canada’s engine of growth, whether located in urban or rural areas, they play an integral part in the economic and social well-being of communities. Entrepreneurship matters, particularly at the local level and encouraging SMEs to thrive in our region will go a long way in realizing the urban renaissance we so desire.

To learn Wood Buffalo’s ranking, please view Wood Buffalo Among Top Entrepreneurial Cities.

If you have online access to the Fort McMurray Today’s e-edition, the article can be viewed on page 10 in the October 23rd, 2013 edition.


August 26th, 2013

2013 Live Work Play: A Year in the Life of Wood Buffalo

“Live Work Play: A Year in the Life of Wood Buffalo” is a reflection on the ten implementation priorities of the Municipal Development Plan. Those priorities were summarized in the 2012 strategic plan Implementing Sustainability.

The priorities of the Strategic Plan were developed through a process of Council input, public engagements and a consolidation of previous studies conducted by the municipality. The Strategic Plan balances priorities against opportunities and challenges, while supporting the principles of community sustainability.


July 30th, 2013

Historic Land Release Announcement cementing Fort McMurray’s Future.

Fort McMurray is about to get a lot bigger.

The province announced on July 25th, 2013 that it is allocating 55,000 acres of Crown lands to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB). The land, stretching west of Timberlea, across the Clearwater and south of Abasand and Beacon Hill, will double the size of Fort McMurray by 2030.

For more information, please visit:

Land Release doubles Fort McMurray

“New UDSR is a huge step toward solving our land related growth constraints.” – Jeff Penney, Manager, Economic Development (RMWB).