Wood Buffalo Economic Development

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Raw statistics truly cannot capture the fresh, optimistic and uplifting spirit of Wood Buffalo, or fully describe our important and expanding role on the global stage. They do offer a sense of the extraordinary and sustainable investment opportunity, one that promises a certain future in an uncertain world. Wood Buffalo is a municipality faced with growing and diverse demands. Meeting them presents a big potential for new members of the investment and business community.

Young people are drawn to Wood Buffalo by a combination of high-income secure jobs, an enviable outdoor lifestyle, and a community that embraces newcomers. At the same time, however, there are not enough of them to fill the recruitment needs outside the energy sector. Bold and innovative investors face a “build it and they will come” scenario. Investment in providing better local access to products, services and entertainment will not only enhance life for current residents but act as enticement to potential residents, creating growth in both the community and the potential market.

Wood Buffalo residents average just thirty-two years of age. They are starting out with a clear advantage: secure, high-income employment that will accelerate their lifestyle goals. Many of their needs are being met as aggressive municipality and city planning initiatives open the door to new investment opportunities. The airport expansion proceeds on-schedule to completion, and new land use initiatives clear the way for more and more affordable residential and commercial space. Projects underway include Parsons Creek, a mixed housing development which will become home to 24,000 residents, and Prairie Creek Business Park, an industrial and commercial facility in close proximity the airport which will include hotels and restaurants in addition to industry-related business. The Prairie Creek Business Park is destined to become a commercial gateway to Wood Buffalo.

The data below presents a snapshot of Wood Buffalo as it currently exists and a glimpse into the future of a bold, innovative, and growing community.