Wood Buffalo Economic Development


Open Request for Proposal:

Startup YMM Office Renovation – DUE January 28th @ 4pm 

  1. RFP#2020RFP-200101 Startup YMM Office Renovation Contract
    1. Startup YMM Construction Scope_RFP# 2020RFP-200101
    2. Startup YMM Drawings_RFP# 2020RFP-200101
    3. Startup YMM Office Specification_RFP# 2020RFP-200101
  2. Request for Information (RFI), January 13, 2020
    1. RFI Question Responses
    2. AMENDMENT – Startup YMM Drawings- RFP#2020RFP 200101
    3. AMENDMENT – Startup YMM Office Specifications – RFP#2020RFP-200101


If you have a question on the RFP please email natasha@choosewoodbuffalo.ca

Any questions asked will be responded to within 48 hours and posted here for all potential Proponents to see.