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Anzac lies on the western shore of Willow Lake in the southern region of the Municipality. The 785 residents live in close proximity to the many attractions of Gregoire Lake Provincial Park. Anzac identified in the Municipal Development Plan as Priority GrowthArea. Over the next 20 years, as many as 3,000 jobs will be created in transforming Anzac into a small urban centre and the home of up to 8,000 residents.
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Conklin is the most southern community in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo; a quiet rural community located southeast of Fort McMurray on scenic Christina Lake, a popular destination for many visitors and residents. The 337 residents are primarily of Metis descent. Conklin is one of several communities which following guidelines in the Municipal Development Plan will have their essential character preserved and enhanced to provide attractive options for residential life.
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This tiny but rapidly-growing community of 254 people consists primarily of acreages along the banks of the Clearwater River. Over the last decade, the population of Draper has increased more than four-fold.Draper was established in 1922 by Thomas Draper who opened a quarry in the area and began to conduct business as the McMurray Asphaltum and Oil Company. Today the community is primarily made up acreages built along the banks of the Clearwater River.
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Fort Chipewyan
Fort Chip as it is commonly called sits at the western tip of Lake Athabasca. Home to 1,261 people, it is a gateway to northern adventure at the entrance to the largest national park in Canada: Wood Buffalo National Park. Established as a trading post in 1788 by the Northwest Trading Company, Fort Chipewyan is the oldest settlement in all of Alberta. More than 230 years later, trapping and fishing are still activities enjoyed by residents of Fort Chipewyan. In 2010, history was made in Fort Chipewyan when the world’s first NHL-sized synthetic ice surface was installed in the Archie Simpson Arena.
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Fort Fitzgerald
Fort Fitzgerald typifies the eco-tourism potential of Wood Buffalo. It sits at the headwaters of world famous Class VI rapids which each year draw young, extreme-sports kayakers and traditional canoeists from around the world. The community shares services with the town of Fort Smith and is a co-host to Paddlefest, a white-water canoeing, rafting and kayaking event which each summer draws competitors from around the world.Plans for development centre on preservation of the present character.
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Fort MacKay
With a population of just 648, the largely aboriginal hamlet of Fort McKay is home to many aboriginal-owned companies servicing the oilsands producers. In addition to the traditional large lots here, other types and densities of housing will be introduced over time.
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Fort McMurray
The heart of Wood Buffalo, Fort McMurray is a 76,000 plus urban centre like no other; growing at a spectacular pace and becoming established as a both a great place to work and a great place to enjoy an exceptional lifestyle. Fort McMurray is defining both the future of energy and the appeal of the northern lifestyle.
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Gregoire Lake Estates
Situated on the shores of Willow Lake, the hamlet of Gregoire Lake Estates is in close proximity to Anzac and Gregoire Lake Provincial Park. Development will include improved access to Lake. No physical expansion of the community is planned. The 248 residents of this quiet, country living community share services with Fort McMurray and the neighbouring hamlet of Anzac.
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The 195 resident hamlet of Janvier is home to both the Chipewyan Prairie, Dene First Nation and a small airport. It is named for the Janvier family which includes Alex Janvier, a well-known Alberta artist. Plans for the future of the community include limited local economic development in keeping with the preservation of natural attributes and a rich heritage.
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Saprae Creek Estates
The hamlet of Saprae Creek is located 25 kilometers south of Fort McMurray and is the third largest community in Wood Buffalo. This lifestyle-based, forested acreage hamlet is the home of Vista Ridge, a popular winter recreation facility offering skiing, snowboarding and downhill tubing.Plans for development include modest expansion and the creation of a pedestrian friendly environment and infrastructure.
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